Will a .50 Cal Stop A Running Engine?

(Scroll down for the video)

Check this out! A .50 caliber bullet against a car engine. Will it stop the car or will the car still be running? Check the video to find out more..50 BMG is a caliber which was designed for the machine gun Browning M2 1910s.

Neither Browning M2 or .50 BMG was in service until after the First World War, but has been used extensively since then, including in World War II and the Vietnam War. 1967, Carlos Hathcock, a sniper in the US Marine Corps set a record at 2286 meters, when he hits an enemy with one shot from an M2 machine gun fitted with a telescopic sight.

What are your thoughts before watching the video below? Do you have any guesses? Please write them down and we will compare the results afterwards. See the awesome high speed camera and how it is all recorded.

Credits and Source : Amazingpal.tv

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