Throwing Weapons vs The Most Impact Resistant Police Riot Shield In The World

Special video for you my friends! Big Thanks to Euro Security Products for This Shield! Enjoy

Information about shield: Thick enemy lines are slowly getting closer. The excitement increases; everything is at stake right now. The breathing of waiting defending fighters in heavy outfits gets faster by every minute.

The enclosing hooting men are brandishing their weapons. The first line of committed warriors is only twenty metres from the line of defenders. The first line of these men with shields unites even more – the unconscious habit gained during demanding hours of training. Tens of attackers’ fists move up and the sky is full of small dark dots. “Beware!” The shields go up as fast and the lots of in the air flying objects violently beat on them. At the same moment, the first warriors come and you can hear the sound of powerful blows. The salient made of tens of bodies strikes the shields and the first line of defenders staggers. “It stands!!!” The front line got dangerously shaken under the first attack and moved a bit back, but it survived.

A merciless scuffle with the superiority starts. However, the fight with the coordinated defence, changing in some places into individual scuffles of one man against the other, gets progressively weaker. The attack slowly disintegrates and changes into a chaotic aggressors’ retreat. There is suddenly strange calm. The sweaty defenders recover from the heavy fighting and move away their injured colleagues. They must regroup now and get ready soon again. They all know it was not the last attack today.

There will be more of them; it will be a long day …

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