My Longest Shot ever!

Matt from Demolition Ranch attempts his longest shot in this episode. He has a crew with him, and he’s at a long range, shooting with the Desert Tech SRS A1 chambered in .308. It has a short barrel, and is a bullpup, so the action is behind the trigger, making it a short package. It has a 20-inch barrel, and is equipped with a Vortex optic, and the gun is known to be very accurate.

However, there is some wind, which Matt apologizes for. He says he asked these guys to go with him, as he is not a long-range shooter – the farthest he’s done is five hundred yards with an AR-15 at a competition. This is 1060 yards at the top of the hill.

With long range shooting, you have to do a lot of walking, or riding a bike, in this case, to get to your target and set it up. On the way, he shows the 100 and 200-yard targets. Matt gets some tips and lessons from one of the guys, who was a sniper in the US Army. There’s plenty of discussion among the team, and Matt sets up.

Matt sights and gets the go signal, with the guys calling out and coaching him on the shot. He starts at the nearer targets, and he hits dead center on the 100-yard target. He sets up for the 350 yard target, and gets coaching from the guys. He moves to 500 yards, then to 700 yards, which is the farthest shot in his life, so far. He shows what the target looks like through the reticule, and makes it the shot in one try.

For the money shot, Matt sets up for the 1060 yard shot, and gets tips on how to adjust. He aims, fires and it takes him a few tries, but he finally makes the long shot!

Then in Demo Ranch style, he takes some coins at some distance and fires to take them out.

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