Huntsmen Corps — Danish Special Forces

The Huntsmen Corps is an exceptional strength unit of the Royal Danish Army. The first inception of the corps was in 1785 as Jagercorpset, and it existed in different structures until it was changed to its present structure in 1961. Their hunting origins are reflected by the hunting horn on their badge. The Danish Huntsmen Corps has produced 362 fighters from its initiation in 1961 until 2009. In the year 1995, the Corps was used in an interesting way. A six-man group was sent to Sarajevo, Bosnia as an expert marksman surveillance group. All through the Cold War, the Huntsmen Corps’ essential task was that of a Long Range Reconnaissance Unit, with widespread appreciation for their abilities in parachute operations. However, since the  9/11 Global War on Terror, the Huntsmen Corps were modernized to better prepare against risk of worldwide terrorism.

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