Attempted Car Theft – Old Lady Fights Back and WINS!

A upset Facebook user wants to find the culprit that tried to steal her mums car, injuring her mum as she tried to prevent the thief.
Ms Smythe was heading off for holidays this morning, and with about 700 pounds and her passport in the car, nobody was going to stop her holiday.

The incident was captured on CCTV, and the post was uploaded to Facebook by user ‘Louise Fielding’ with a message to help find the scumbag:
“This scum bag tried robbing my mums car at 7:45am this morning outside her work! (Ripponden road) She is pretty badly bruised but as you can see shes a lil warrior! Please please please if anyone recognises this man/his clothes or saw anything please we NEED to find this man !!!!!!”
Company boss Deborah Smythe battled with the thug after he jumped into her driver’s seat as she unlocked a car park barrier at her firm in Oldham, Manchester. The man reversed at speed dragging Mrs Smythe along as she clung on to the driver’s door.

But she refused to give up – holding on to the steering wheel and struggling with the thief.
Eventually the lout drove back towards the barrier and got out of the car.

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